Pre-filled Party Bags for Girls and Boys

Pre-Filled Party Bags
-Laura Lollipop

Heavenly Sweets party bags are perfect for any occasion. Perhaps you need party bags for a childs party, maybe you need to buy someone a small thank you gift or you just fancy a yummy selection of sweets! There are so many events that our party bags can be used for and I’ll go through some great ideas later on in this blog.

We have pre-filled bags for girls and bags for boys. The girls’ bags contain rainbow drops, a strawberry refresher bar, pop ‘n’ dip popping candy, a candy necklace, a lollipop, mini love hearts, mini fizzers and a cherry wheel. The boys’ bag contains rainbow drops, a original refresher bar, pop ‘n’ dip popping candy, candy sticks, a dipper, a foam banana and a lollipop. We also do a vegetarian/vegan party bag which contains rainbow drops, a wham bar, love hearts dip, a candy necklace, mini love hearts, a lollipop and a cherry wheel. This means that each bag has a great variety of yummy sweets for you to enjoy.

The fact that our party bags are pre-filled means that we do all the hard work of making up as many party bags as you need and all you need to do is give them out to be enjoyed! You may just need one to give as a gift or you may need 200 to give out at a party. Here at Heavenly Sweets each one is hand-made just for you.

Children’s Party
Heavenly Sweets pre-filled party bags are great for giving out as party bags for each child at the end of a party. We can all remember from when we were young that the sweets were the first thing that you looked for when you received your party bag. The little toys were boring and the cake was never a flavour you liked but the sweets were always great. This is why Heavenly Sweets party bags are the best to give out a party- they are nothing but sweets! The sweets are suitable for almost any age and the fact that we offer boys, girls and vegetarian/vegan party bags means that you’ll be able to tailor to each guest. When ordering or buying from Heavenly Sweets you can request the amount of each that you would like so that every child at the party is happy!

At Work
Party Bags are ideal for work gifts too. They can be given as rewards for reaching goals or as a present, for Christmas perhaps, to say thank you to the whole office for their hard work. Sweets aren’t only enjoyed by children! The sweets in our party bags are perfect for adults too as there are many which will remind them of sweets they ate when growing up, such as candy sticks and candy necklaces, which they’ll love.

Sometimes gifts for people can be really difficult to buy but with Heavenly Sweets pre-filled party bags you have the perfect solution. The party bags are filled with multiple tasty treats so it’s guaranteed that the person receiving the gift will enjoy it.

Stocking Filler
Christmas is coming up and that means needing to find the perfect stocking fillers. Our party bags work well for this as there are lots of little goodies inside that can be munched on throughout the day.

These are just a few ideas for occasions that party bags can be used for but I’m sure that you can think of many more!

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