Most Missed Sweets

Most Missed Sweets
-Laura Lollipop

A question we get asked on a weekly basis here at Heavenly Sweets is, ‘do you sell Spangles?’ Unfortunately, we have to answer that they were discontinued in 1984! Another one that we get asked for is Texan bars which we also discontinued in the 1980’s. What is it with the ‘80’s and discontinuing sweets that apparently everyone loved? Well, now we have proof that not only are Spangles the most asked for sweet in our shop but it is also the most missed sweet in the UK! carried out a survey to find out the most missed sweets and Spangles topped the results with 18% of the votes! The list also included sweets such as Banjo, Fry’s Five Centres and, of course, Texan Bars.

Here is the full list:
1. Spangles 18%
2. Banjo 16%
3. Fry’s Five Centres 14%
4. Golden Cup 13%
5. Galaxy Counters 12%
6. Toffo 10%
7. Texan 7%
8. Treets 4%
9. Candy Whistles 2%
10. Fuse 1%

Others: Paces, Fruit Polo, Mintola, Grande Seville 3%
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