Parma Violets Mini


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  • This is a real old fashioned iconic British sweet and a big seller in our shop. We put them on the top shelf because it's an adult sweet really; kiddies haven't quite registered a taste for them yet... We're not sure why they are more popular with the older folk but we do know they they absolutely love them!

    They were first launched in the 1930's and have kept on going since then! In 2003 Swizzles Matlow thought about changing the recipe due to the love/hate relationship many people have with the sweet but there was a public outcry so here they stay, just as before. Tales tell that people used to eat these to cover up the smell of beer on their breaths. Naughty!

    A bit like Floral Gums and Cherry Lips, a similar perfumed taste!


    Price is for 1 single Mini Parma Violet tube


  • Ingredients:
    Sugar; Stearic Acid; Modified Starch; Glucose Syrup; Anti-Caking Agent: Magnesium Carbonate; Flavourings; Colour: Anthocyanin

  • More Info:

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