Milk Duds 5oz/141g

  • Big 5oz (141g) box of chocolate covered caramels made by American brand, Hersheys. Apparently, they are named Milk Duds because they are made using a large amount of milk and, originally, they were supposed to be perfectly round but it was found that this couldn't be done and so were 'duds'. These are very popular in the shop. Maybe due to their bright yellow packaging. They are great for snacking on whilst watching a film at the cinema.


    Price is for 1 Box of Hershey's Milk Duds

  • Corn Syrup; Sugar; Vegetable Oil (Cocoa Butter; Palm Oil; Shea Oil; Sunflower Oil; Safflower Oil); Non fat Milk; Dextrose; Chocolate; Brown Sugar; Whey (from Milk); Emulsifier (E471); Raising Agent (E500);Milk fat; Salt; Glazing Agent (E904); Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin); Thickener (E1400); Vanillin

  • Per pack (net weight 141g): Carbohydrate 98g of which sugars 71g; Fat 22g of which saturates 12g; Sodium 252mg; Calories 612

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