Black Sweets

Black Coloured Sweets

Liquorice makes up the majority of the black sweet category as there are just so many different kinds! There's liquorice wheels, sticks, rock twists, gums, coins and that's not even mentioning them all or when it's mixed with something else! Then you could have catherine wheels, cream rock, blackcurrant and toffee just to name a few! Liquorice is always a fast favourite whether it just be something to nibble on, to decorate a cake or ... other reasons. Liquorice wheels are used as wheels on train or car cakes or sometimes unraveled to be used as laces. Another sweet found in the black sweets category are tasty aniseed goodies. Army and Navy is a popular one. Of course, so are Black Jacks which should not be found without their orange counterpart Fruit Salads! These black and orange sweets also go great together for some spooky Halloween coloured treats!