Brown Sweets

Brown Coloured Sweets

You may think that the only brown coloured sweets are chocolate and you'd be, well, mostly correct but there a few other hidden gems in there too. This improbably tasty colour boasts sweet peanuts, cola bottles and butterscotch in its ranks. Yum, who doesn't like a refreshing brown cola bottle to wash down their Oreo Brownie and Chocolate Foam Banana snack? But anyway, back to the chocolate, the whole-hearted hoggers of the brown sweet market. If you wanted to surround yourself with all things chocolate then you'd find yourself in a veritable sweetie heaven with choices from just a plain ol' choccy bar to chocolate covered coffee beans to brazil nuts to ginger to dates to honeycomb to mint to orange to peanuts to raisins to covered in hundreds and thousands... the list is endless!