Airheads Grape 16g

  • AirHeads Grape are a chewy, intensely grape flavoured, stretchy purple bar. These American Candy bars are the most American thing since Apple pie or NASA. AirHeads Grape are a tasty treat that is perfect for all the family.

    Did you know AirHeads come in 16 different flavours! Thankfully we have many of those amazing flavours available for our lovely customers to buy.

    Here at Heavenly Sweets we have such a wide range of American Sweets online that we have been given honorary American Status here in the UK

  • Sugar; Corn Syrup; Maltodextrin; Dextrose; Modified Corn Starch; Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil; Citric Acid; Water; Artificial Flavour; Colours (E129; E133; E102; E110)

  • Per pack (net weight): 15.6g; Carbohydrate 14g of which sugars 9g; Fat 1g; Sodium 10mg; Calories 60

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