Airheads White Mystery 16g

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AirHeads are almost like the American equivalent of a Refresher/Wham bar. AirHeads are just as chewy but are brittle (shorter texture) rather than stretchy. They are slightly shorter and thinner too but the taste is a lot tangier.
So what is the White Mystery flavour!!?? Ooh, it seems Airheads are staying tight lipped about the exact flavour/recipe. We seem to think cherry is in there somewhere, but who knows...?
An interesting fact about AirHeads sweets is that it is made using a machine very similar to the ones used to make long strips of Playdoh. They just add a bit of sugar for taste probably!

Sugar; Corn Syrup; Maltodextrin; Dextrose; Modified Corn Starch; Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil; Water; Citric Acid; Artificial Flavour.

Nutritional Information:
Per pack (net weight): 15.6g; Carbohydrate 14g of which sugars 9g; Fat 1g; Sodium 10mg; Calories 60

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