Candy Corn 92g

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These groovy little candies look great and colourful. Each sweet looks like an actual piece of corn with layered strips of white, orange and yellow. Have no fear though sweet lovers, these don't actually taste like sweetcorn, they taste like the icing you get on a cake and have a lovely soft consistency. These are very popular around Halloween in America, but why save them until the holiday season? We think they are good enough to much on all year round!

Sugar; Corn Syrup; Shellac; Salt; Dextrose; Gelatin; Sesame Oil; Artificial Flavour; Honey; E110; E102; E127

Nutritional Information:
Per Pack (net weight 92g): Energy (Kcal) 350; Fat 0g; Carbohydrates 87.5g; of which sugars 70g; Protein 0g; Sodium 175mg

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