Flyers Liquorice

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These little fellers have different flavour tasty sherbet crystals inside the liquorice tube. We're not sure why they are called flyers though. Maybe because they fly off the shelves? These are the Giant Liquorice Flyers (14cm long and 1cm diameter)...they're not exactly big, imagine the small ones...!?

They're a bit like a Sherbet Fountain, but in reverse!

Price is for 1 Liquorice Flyer

Sugar;Wheat Flour;Treacle;Water;Colours (E150c; E162; E160a; E100);Liquorice Extract;Humectant (E422);Citric Acid;Salt;Stabilisers (E414; E413);Flavourings;Dextrose;Emulsifier (E471)Ê

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