Liquorice & Aniseed Sweets

Here you can find allsorts of liquorice from the Liquorice cuttings and Pontefract Cakes to then Dutch Sweet and Salty Liquorice of the absolute finest quality. It is the 'proper' black liquorice flavoured with the extracts of the root of the liquorice plant. None of that pretend strawberry or apple liquorice. Did you know that liquorice has been around for donkeys years?! Alexander the Great even supplied his troops with rations of liquorice root while on the march. Liquorice comes in various forms so you can eat it any which way that you please. There's wheels, rock, allsorts, sticks, boiled, gummy and salty plus much more! A close relative of liquorice is Aniseed. You can find all of your aniseed goodies here too. From balls to spogs to twists and the ever popular Black Jacks! We've got it all!