Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms - A Retro American Cereal
Created in 1962 by John Holahan, General Mills commissioned a team of product developers to come up with a cereal that was unique. He then mixed Cheerio's and marshmallows to come up with a really different cereal. They based the marketing around the idea of charm bracelets, with its various shapes of marshmallows, such as hearts, stars, moons and clovers, hence the name Lucky Charms. The recipe originally didn't sell well, but they then decided to add sugar to the oat cereal, and guess became a roaring success. Funny that.
Over a quarter of the oat cereal is made up of marshmallows, small little dehydrated mallows of course. It used to be sold in the UK, however because of certain EU restrictions, it is now only available in smaller specialist stores, such as Heavenly Sweets. Supermarkets do sell Lucky Charms, but it is the UK version unfortunately. It's estimated that almost half the people who eat Lucky Charms are adults, we agree!

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