Nut Free Sweets

Nut Free Sweets - No nuts here

We have excluded from this category all the sweets and chocolates that have nuts in their ingredients.
That's not to say that they haven't had a sniff of peanut peelings whilst they were being whisked away to the wrapping department, ie. their friends in another part of the factory may have had these nuts in them, if you know what we mean. We love nuts, infact we're all a little nutty here, but we understand that we can't be mates with everyone. But anyway, before munching down on any sweets and chocolates you buy from Heavenly Sweets, just make sure, you probably know this, to check the label. Yes mom :-) Disclaimer: Although all of the products below do not contain nuts in their ingredients, some of them may be produced in a factory where nuts are processed.

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