Party Bags

Party bags and sweet cones to go for boys and girls - great for birthdays!
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If you've got a party coming up, then you are going to need sweet bags to go with it.
Whether you are holding a party for children or adults, you can guarantee that sweets are going to form a staple part of the goodie bag.
For a kids' birthday party, you can almost guarantee that half the contents of the party bag will just end up in the bin, trodden into the carpet or thrown around the room, so why bother filling the bags with pointless toys?
Giving sweet cones as an alternative to toy based party bags is an ideal solution because the sweets are almost always the first thing kids go for when they get them. Save the money you would have spent on silly toys and stock up on sweets instead.
Our party sweet bags and cones come in a variety of packages including; clear, cellophane bags so people can instantly see what they have been given. These are ideal for parents to see what their children have received as well, in case there is something that the children shouldn't have for whatever reason. Of course, they can also see what they'd like to have for themselves as well.
Our range of party bags are available for boys and for girls, with each containing a slightly different range. You'll find love hearts and candy necklaces in the girly ones, while the boys' bags have Spiderman candy sticks in, as well as a selection of the best-loved favourites.
We even have a range of party sweet bags suitable for vegetarians and vegans so nobody needs to miss out. These bags are full of sweets that are just as tasty and are ideal to have as an option just in case.
If you fancy something a bit different, the party cones are eye-catching and fun, but still easy to take home after a brilliant party. These are filled with individual sweets, rather than bigger packets, so they're great for nibbling on whenever you want a little hit of sugar.
Whatever your occasion, these sweet bags are the perfect complement. They can be given to guests when they leave, or even hidden around the venue and used as treats for a treasure hunt. Whatever age your guests are, you can be sure that they'll love the wide range of sweets available in our party bags.

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