Pick 'n' Mix Sweets

The Best Pick 'n' Mix Sweets You'll Ever Taste!

Pick 'n' Mix is made by various companies and is essentially an 'unbranded' sweet in general, which means you have the same type of sweet but with many different recipe's. So it could be Haribo or Barratt but most of the time it is a whole host of unknown brands.
Other shops around us offer different types of Pick 'n' Mix, but at different qualities. We don't mind having this competition because our sweets are of a superior quality, but with a price tag that leaves an equally sweet taste in one's mouth. We have scoured the globe (almost) to find good, no great pick 'n' mix. Some of our jellies or weigh-out sweets, as they're called, are branded, such as Haribo and Barratt which are the more known ones. We have a few other brands thrown in the mix and we know we've come up with an amazing concoction of pick 'n' mix that suits even the hardest of brand loyal customer. Some shops and online internet sweet shops just buy all their sweets from one or 2 suppliers, we have over 15! Basically we've tested out so many products over the years and we've come up with the best quality sweets we can find even though they're cheap on price. We eat sweets and do taste tests all the time with our customers' input, so we're confident we are selling what you want to buy! The most popular sweets in the pick 'n' mix are: Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles, Vanilla Fudge, Milk Bottles, Cola Bottles, Giant Strawberries. Generally fizzy sour sweets are at the top of the popularity scale, so if you're buying a present for a teenager, go for the sour jelly sweets, mostly those are the ones with the sugar on the outside. Pick 'n' Mix sweets are often bought for making sweet cakes and sweet recipes, see our blog for some cool ideas, we add new recipes on regularly. You can even make an entire cake just out of sweets, no sponge! Personally we prefer the traditional cake with heaps of jelly sweets and Smarties on top. A very kind customer made us a gingerbread house once with all our sweets decorated on it!