Reese's American Peanut Butter Chocolate - The USA's Best Selling Candy
In the 1920's Mr Reese worked for Mr Hershey (no joke) and Mr Reese became quite inspired by Mr Hershey's chocolates, that he set forth to open a candy business in Mr Reese's basement using Mr Hershey's chocolate in his confections. Peanut Butter Cups were his best selling line, so he discontinued his others, only to bring in more varieties in later years, such as the Big Cup, Nutrageous, Mini's, White and Dark Cups, etc. Reese's is also involved in cereals and snack bars.
They also do some cool seasonal peanut butter chocolates, such as Heart shaped confections for Valentines Day, Chocolate Eggs for Easter, Pumpkins for Haloween and Trees for Christmas.
In the 60's Reese's merged with Hershey's, so they've been mates for years! Reese's is the #1 selling candy brand in the United States, and the 4th best selling confectionery brand on the planet, as of 2012. That's pretty amazing what a man with a bit of peanut butter mixed with milk chocolate in a bright orange wrapper can do!

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