Sherbet Kali & Sugar Crystals

Perhaps the most common way to eat sherbet is to use the dip 'n' lick method. Some good dippers are lollipops, liquorice or your finger. So, grab your desired dipper and dip it in your sherbet and lick and enjoy! Of course, this is the home-made way. You can also get the traditional Sherbet Fountain and Dip Dabs that are ready made for you to enjoy as soon as you step out the sweet shop. Yum! Sherbet comes in powder or crystal form. The crystals are normally a bit sour so if you're a fizzy-fanatic then the crystals are probably the one for you! Sherbet's also fun when it sneaks up and surprises you. There you are sucking on a yummy lemon boiled sweet and, 'bam!', some sour lemon sherbet hits you. Sherbet Strawberries are pretty good too!