American Skittles in the UK - A Hugely Popular Candy
Skittles was first produced in the UK in the 70's, by Wrigley's, which is Mars owned company. Mars also owns the M&M brand, which is where it may have got the Skittles idea from; a hard candy shell covering a softer chewy candy, the only difference is M&M's is chocolate inside. Skittles are the most popular brand of candy among young people in America. They have over 25 Million likes on Facebook, really amazing (2014). They do post some quirky stuff on there though!
Of course there are different Skittles in the USA as vs the UK. American Skittles have the Darkside versions, Sour, Riddles, Wild Berry, Desserts and others. It's only cos they are American that they're so popular we're sure. Actually the Darkside and Desserts are amazing...

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