Walkers Nonsuch Toffee's...
...are made with the best ingredients, proper old fashioned ingredients. Back in the 19th century Edward Joseph Walker had a small sweet shop where he made toffee for the local people. With the use of whole milk, butter and Belgian chocolate, he made the most amazing, rich creamy toffees from a secret recipe. These loose individually wrapped toffees are a more softer eating toffee. There are 11 different flavoured toffee's such as Liquorice (our most popular), Treacle, Plain, Mint Eclair, Banana Split Eclairs, amongst others.
There are also the hard brittle slabs of toffees which have a hammer in the pack, they are really popular around Christmas time. We can't stress how amazing the flavours of toffees are, they are so good. They are sold in over 35 countries, so they must be good! Walker's Toffee's were also enjoyed at the Royal Box at Wimbledon in 2013
Why are they called Walker's Nonsuch Toffee's? Well just like Henry VIII's legendary 'Nonsuch' palace, it was the 'palace of all palaces' , Mr Walker's Toffee was 'nonsuch' like any other toffee, it was the best, and still is!

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