Wonka All American Candy in the UK
Quite an usual, but ingenious way to launch and confectionery brand. Film director, Mel Stuarts's daughter was reading the Rahl Dahl book - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and asked her dad to make a movie out of it. He worked with his producer who convinced the Quaker Oats Company to buy the rights to, and finance the movie with a view of promoting a new Wonka Bar chocolate, through their subsidiary company, Breaker Confections.
Have you noticed how much attention they give the Wonka Bar in the movie? Quite a lot, as they were creating a hype about this amazing 'Wonka Bar'. So there's how it all started. Breaker Confections was later renamed The Wonka Candy Company and eventually sold to Nestle in 1988.
There are loads of different sweets in the brand, the popular ones being Nerds, Gobstoppers and Laffy Taffy. The Everlasting Gobstopper and the Wonka Bar originated in the book, whilst the others were created afterwards.

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