Wrigley, the Legendary Gum Experts
Back in the day, William Wrigley began selling soap and baking power and supplying chewing gum with it as an incentive for people to buy his products. He was soon to learn that the gum was proving to be more in demand than the baking powder, and thus continued in the chewing gum industry. Wrigley's is sold in over 180 countries (didn't even know there were that many countries!) and is owned by Mars the confectionery giant in the States.
They make a selection of sugar and sugar free gums, some minty and some fruity. At Heavenly Sweets we currently only sell the American Wrigley's Gum, such as Big Red Cinnamon Gum, and the sugar-free Wrigley's Desserts flavours. And boy are they packed full of flavour

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