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Medium - You get 17 chocolatey treats:

🍫 Baby Ruth 59.5g
🍫 Butterfinger 53.8g
🍫 2 x Charleston Chews Vanilla Miniatures 11g
🍫 Cookie Dough Bites Fudge Brownie 88g
🍫 Hershey's Cookies n Chocolate 43g
🍫 Hershey's Cookies n Creme 43g
🍫 Junior Mints 10g
🍫 Milk Duds 85g
🍫 Whoppers 141g
🍫 100 Grand 42.5g
🍫 2 x Reese's Miniatures 9g
🍫 Reeses 3 Cup 51g
🍫 Annabelle Rocky Road 51g
🍫 2 x Hershey's Kisses 4g


We've got a huge selection of classic Pick n Mix choices and retro sweets for you to order online. Have a browse now and you'll find all your favorite old fashioned sweets from Cola Bottles to Bon Bons, Chocolate Mice, sours, hard boiled sweets and many more.

We've got plenty of big brands like Haribo for you to chose from and what's even better is we sell classic size pick'n'mix bags as well as really big bags so you can keep stocked up on your favorites!