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American Reese's Hamper - Medium

Hampers | Out of stock

Medium - 17 heavenly treats await you:

🍫 2 x Reeses 3 Cups 51g
🍫 2 x Reeses Big Cup 39g
🍫 1 x Reeses Cup with Pieces 42g
🍫 1 x Reeses Take 5 42g
🍫 1 x Reeses Fast Break 51g
🍫 4 x Reeses Miniatures 9g
🍫 1 x Reeses Snack Mix 56g
🍫 1 x Reeses Nutrageous Bar 47g
🍫 1 x Reeses Pieces Box 113g
🍫 1 x Reeses Sticks 42g
🍫 2 x Reeses White Cup 39g*

Here are more reasons to love our box of treats:

🍫 Imported directly from the United States
🍫 Ideal box dimensions of 25x19x4 cm

* We’re here to please. You can count on us to do everything we can to ensure you get the treats as listed. In the event that any product is not available at the time of order, we will replace it with a similarly yummy delight.

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