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🍬 PARTY MUST-HAVE - A party just isn’t the same without an avalanche of sweet treats. We’re giving you over 120 pieces of the best candies that the USA has to offer (you’re welcome).

🍬 FESTIVE AND FUN - Our unique hamper box comes branded with a patriotic American flag and a funky, retro colour scheme and design. You’ll definitely want to show it off, if you dare to share.

🍬 ENOUGH TO GO AROUND - You may have sets of pouty peepers peeking over your shoulder or snooping through your sweet selection gift box. Don’t worry, we’ll send enough treats for sharing.

🍬 PACKED FRESH EVERY TIME - We pack items with the right dates so you can expect a fabulously-fresh experience for at least 4 months. Feel free to buy in advance of a special gift-giving occasion!

🍬 DESIGNED TO DELIGHT - We don’t just stuff food in a box. We pack a hamper with love and care so you can rest assured that it will arrive safely, with a little “thank you” note from us.

You want to know what’s inside, don’t you? Take a peek:

🍬 CryBaby Bubblegum
🍬 Gummi Mini Burgers
🍬 Bit-O-Honey
🍬 Gummi Sour Mini Burgers
🍬 Jolly Rancher Hard Candy
🍬 Laffy Taffy Assorted Minis
🍬 Nerds Mini
🍬 Dum Dums Original Pops
🍬 Airheads Mini Bars
🍬 Top Pops Taffy Pop
🍬 Tootsie Frooties
🍬 Twizzlers Strawberry
🍬 Atomic Fireballs
🍬 Pixy Stix
🍬 Warheads Extreme Sour*

* Please note: In the event that something on the list is not available, we will substitute something equally exquisite for your dining delight.

Still not convinced? Allow us to ‘wow’ you with more:

🍬 Heck of a hamper! With a dimension of 30x20x5cm
🍬 Great gift--did someone say 4th of July celebration?

🍬 Imported directly from America

Indulge that sweet tooth of yours and those around you. Add Heavenly Sweets American Sweets Selection to your basket TODAY!


We've got a huge selection of classic Pick n Mix choices and retro sweets for you to order online. Have a browse now and you'll find all your favorite old fashioned sweets from Cola Bottles to Bon Bons, Chocolate Mice, sours, hard boiled sweets and many more.

We've got plenty of big brands like Haribo for you to chose from and what's even better is we sell classic size pick'n'mix bags as well as really big bags so you can keep stocked up on your favorites!