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American Nerds Gift Box - Medium

Hampers | Out of stock
20 heavenly treats await you:

🍬 Nerds Cherry and Watermelon 46.7g
🍬 Everlasting Gobstoppers 50.1g
🍬 Nerds Double Dipped 46.7g
🍬 2 x Laffy Taffy Assorted Minis 10g
🍬 Laffy Taffy Banana 22g
🍬 Laffy Taffy Blue Raspberry 22g
🍬 Laffy Taffy Cherry 22g
🍬 Laffy Taffy Grape 22g
🍬 Laffy Taffy Mystery Swirl 22g
🍬 Nerds Rope 26g
🍬 2 x Nerds Mini 14g
🍬 Laffy Taffy Sour Apple 22g
🍬 Laffy Taffy Strawberry 22g
🍬 Nerds Strawberry and Grape 46.7g
🍬 Nerds Wildberry and Peach 46.7g
🍬 Rainbow Nerds Theatre Box 141.7g
🍬 Runts Theatre Box 141.7g
🍬 Nerds Surf and Turf 46.7g*
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