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American Mixed Sweet & Chocolate Hamper - Medium

Hampers | In stock

Looking to indulge your intense cravings for sweets?

It’s common to have sugar cravings. It can get intense at times when your brain is in need of sugar to function properly and to replenish its energy supply.

You know you need to get your fix, but you’d like to make the indulgence worth it. You have a particular liking for specific brands.

The American Candy and Chocolate Box Hamper by Heavenly Sweets leaves you satisfied with its great selection of sweet treats making it perfect for July 4th Independence Day and Halloween celebrations.

Satiate your sweet tooth with the distinctive flavours of classic American candies and chocolates. We've got all your favourite treats in one box!

You get 20 succulent treats:

🍫 1 x Airheads Cherry 16g
🍫 1 x Baby Ruth 54g
🍫 1 x Boston Baked Beans 29g
🍫 1 x Charleston Chew Chocolate 53g
🍫 1 x Chewy Lemonhead Fruit Mix Mini's 23g
🍫 1 x Chewy Lemonhead Tropical Mini's 23g
🍫 1 x Bubblicious Watermelon 5pcs
🍫 1 x Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 85g
🍫 1 x Kool Aid Strawberry and Kiwi 4.8g
🍫 1 x Laffy Taffy Assorted Minis 10g
🍫 1 x Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes 22g
🍫 1 x Nerds Surf and Turf 46.7g
🍫 2 x Hersheys Miniatures 9g
🍫 1 x Reese's Big Cup 39g
🍫 1 x Whatchamacallit 45g
🍫 1 x Swedish Fish Box 99g
🍫 1 x Tootsie Rolls 14g
🍫 1 x Tootsie Roll
🍫 1 x Twizzlers Strawberry 70g
🍫 1 x Warheads Extreme Sour Singles 4g

We give our best efforts to ensure you get the specified products. When any of the treats are unavailable, we replace it with an equally yummy delight.

More reasons to love our box of treats:

🍫 Imported directly from the US
🍫 Ideal box dimensions of 26.2x18.3x3.5cm

Time to give in to your sugar cravings! Add the American Candy and Chocolate Box Hamper by Heavenly Sweets to your basket TODAY!

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