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American Nerds Hamper - Mini

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🍬 ENJOY THE CHARM OF REAL NERDS - Can’t get enough of the amazing tart, pop, and zing only this iconic treat can deliver? This hamper brings you a boxful of nostalgic delight to tickle your tongue.

🍬 INDULGE IN TASTY TANGY TREATS - Craving for the burst of energy that rushes through your body and fills you with glee? This retro sweet hamper of Nerds satisfies any sweet or sour candy craving.

🍬 CHARMING BOX OF RETRO NERDOM - What better way to pack Nerds sweets than in a fun, vintage box? The contrast results in an alluring packaging that both kids and adults find hard to resist!

🍬 THE SWEETEST PRESENT - These colourful sweets are heavenly treats worth sharing. Make every occasion an excuse to spread the fun. It’s perfect for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter!

🍬 IMPECCABLE STANDARDS - Our neatly packed hampers are delivered with dates clearly indicated, allowing you to enjoy fresh treats for up to 3+ months. We’ve included a ‘thank you’ note to show we care!

 Mini - The following heavenly treats await you:

🍬 Nerds Watermelon & Cherry 46.7g
🍬 Nerds Double Dipped 46.7g
🍬 2 x Nerds Mini Box 14g
🍬 Nerds Strawberry & Grape 46.7g
🍬 Rainbow Nerds 141.7g
🍬 Nerds Surf & Turf 46.7g 

Here are more reasons to love our box of treats:

🍬 Imported directly from the United States
🍬 Ideal box dimensions of 25x18x2,5cm


*We give our best efforts to ensure you get the specified products. When any of the treats are unavailable, we replace it with an equally yummy delight.  

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