Aniseed Balls

  • Aniseed Balls are one of our best selling sweet...maybe because they're so good, maybe because you get loads of them, maybe because they bring back good memories of using them as marbles... Whatever the reason, they're a big seller! There is even one lady who comes in every fortnight and buys 5 of them every time. That is just how good they are.

    Like Mini Gobstoppers, they're maroon coloured then white in the middle till you get to the aniseed pip. However the pip is more like a flavoured pip, hard to find one's with a real aniseed pip. But they are ever popular so a great substitute for the real old fashioned type

    Everyone knows 'em Aniseed Balls.

  • Ingredients:
    Dextrose; flavourings; maltodextrin; anti-caking agent:magnesium stearate;modified starch; colours:E129; E153;glazing agent:carnabawax.

  • More Info:

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