Bubblicious Grape 5pcs - (Box of 18)


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  • The classic American flavour favourite grape in a Bubblicious bubble gum. Each packet contains 5 big pieces of gum that oozes yummy grape flavour when you first start to chew. After that comes the bubble blowing fun! And we can confirm, it has an excellent bubble on it!

    If you like it why not try our other flavours and see which one is your favourite. We hav Strawberry,Watermelon and an another American favouriteBubblegum.

  • Sugar; Gum Base; Corn Syrup; Artificial and Natural Flavouring; Antioxidant (E321); Colour (E132); Cottonseed Oil; Glycerine; Colour (E129); Emulsifier (Soyíëí‹_Lecithin)

  • Per pack (5 pieces - net weight 37g): Carbohydrate 28g of which sugars 28g; Calories 116

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