Caramac Std


  • It's made with condensed milk and tastes just like caramel. It's a firm favourite in our shop. It has that distinctive red and yellow package that can be spotted a mile away. The creaminess of this bar just makes it melt in your mouth. It tastes so good!


  • Ingredients:
    Vegetable Fat’Û_(coconut; palm kernel;’Û_shea;sal;ilipe;’Û_kokum’Û_gurgi; mango kernel);Sugar; lactose (milk); Sweetened Condensed Skimmed’Û_milk;’Û_Skimmed milk Powder; butterfat (milk);’Û_Emulsifier sunflower lecithin;’Û_Treacle;’Û_Salt; Flavouring

  • More Info:

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