Chocolate Ginger - Dark

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Made by a lovely lady called Carole Anne; she makes all of our chocolate coated sweets. 'Why Carole' you may ask. Well, our answer for you is that she makes sweets with the finest chocolate covering we've tasted. Seriously, if she made chocolate bars as well then we would definitely buy it!

They are smallish pebbles of chocolate ginger and just a little larger than a Chocolate Peanut.

Ginger (35%); Sugar; Cocoa Mass; Cocoa Butter; Vegetable Fat (Palm); Whey (from MILK); Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin (E322); Glazing Agents: Gum Arabic; Shellac E904. Presertive E220 (SULPHUR DIOXIDE). Cocoa Solids minimum 35%; contains Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat in addition to Cocoa Butter.

Nutritional Information:

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