Fizz Wiz Strawberry


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  • Aka Popping Candy/Space Dust.

    Be honest now guys, who tried to put more that one packet in your mouth at one time for a super fizzy experience. And how many of you poured the stuff into your mouth and went right up next to someones ear with your mouth open so that they could hear the pop pop pop! I bet quite a lot of you!

    By the way, they go very well as cake toppers for a little added zing to your cake. We've also been informed that they can be baked into cakes too for an extra interesting cake eating experience. Maybe we should tell The Great British Bake Off team (They actually also are great over ice cream too - we are speaking from experience here!)

    Also great party bag fillers


    Price is for 1 pack of Strawberry Popping Candy

  • Ingredients:
    sugar; lactose; glucose; artificial flavour; carbon dioxide E290

  • More Info:

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