Haribo Gold Bears

  • Haribo Teddy Bears these ones, no artificial colours or flavours

    Such a popular sweet, small little jelly bears.

    Strawberry/raspberry, blackcurrant/blueberry, lemon, lime, orange and pineapple flavours.

    Better in your tummy than in our shop!


  • Ingredients:
    Glucose Syrup; Sugar; Gelatine; Dextrose; Fruit Juice Concentrates (Pineapple; Apple; Raspberry; Strawberry; Orange; Lemon); Citric Acid; Fruit and Plant Concentrates (Nettle; Apple; Spinach; Kiwi; Elderberry; Blackcurrant; Aronia; Grape; Orange; Lemon; Mango; Passion Fruit); Flavourings; Glazing Agents (Beeswax; Carnauba Wax); Fruit Extract (Carob); Invert Sugar Syrup.

  • More Info:

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