Haribo Yellow Belly Snakes

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Haribo Yellow Bellies, so that means no artificial colours or flavours and in 200g you'll get 4 (they're BIG?snakes!)

The snakes have a soft yellow foamy belly and their jelly bodies are made up of two flavour combinations; strawberry & orange, blackcurrant & apple or orange & lime.?

Be careful! They might bite!


Glucose Syrup; Sugar; Dextrose; Gelatine; Citric Acid; Flavourings; Fruit and Plant Concentrates (Apple; Aronia; Blackcurrant; Carrot; Elderberry; Grape; Hibiscus; Kiwi; Lemon; Mango; Nettle; Orange; Passion Fruit; Spinach); Glazing Agents (Beeswax; Carnauba Wax); Caramelised Sugar Syrup; Invert Sugar Syrup; Fruit Extract (Carob).

Nutritional Information:

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