Jars Glass Large - (Single)

  • The biggest glass jar on the market.å_This jar holds up to 7 - 8 bags of sweets from the Pick 'n Mix or Traditional section. Thiså_depends on the volume of the sweets. For example, one bag of marshmallows equals 3 bags of millions in size. If unsure order another bag of sweets and all the excess sweets will be sent to you.å_

    If you want the jar filled with your chosen sweets, then please tick that your order is a Gift at checkout. If not we will send you the individual 200g bags and you can fill it how you like.

    The jar can hold 1500ml of contents and is 22cm in Height and 12cm in length.

    Get in touch with us by chat (during business hours)å_and we will try and help you with any more questions you might have.

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