Jelly Belly Star Wars 80g bag

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  • Jelly Belly Star Wars packs are a perfect gift for that Star Wars fan in your life. They come in a very cool-looking Darth Vader packet and each beans has an out-of-this-world sparkly colour. The flavours are: Sparkling Berry Blue, Sparkling Blueberry, Sparkling Green Apple, Sparkling Sour Apple and new flavours Sparkling Grape Soda, Sparkling Wild Blackberry and Sparkling Island Punch. Yum! You can even write a little message in the gift tag on the bottom corner. May the force be with you!

  • Sugar; Corn Syrup; Modified Food Starch; Blueberry Puree; Blackberry Puree; Apple Juice Concentrate; Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate; Grape Juice Concentrate; Citric Acid; Fumaric Acid; Tartaric Acid; Acidity Regulators (E331; E325); Thickener (E414); Natural and Artificial Flavour; Colours (E133; E132; E129; E102); Glazing Agents (E901; E903; E904).

  • Per pack (net weight 80g): Energy (Kcal) 280; Fat 0g; Carbohydrates 74g; of which sugars 56g; Protein 0g; Sodium 30mg

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