Liquorice Allsorts


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  • Made by Kingsway, the usual trimmings of allsorts of liquorice related sweets: coconut rolls, liquorice cream rock, aniseed jelly spogs, liquorice sandwiches, liquorice cuttings.

    Liquorice Allsorts have been around since 1842 and they are now the UK's favourite liquorice sweet! They were originally created by accident when a salesman for the Bassett's company was arranging an order with a customer and he accidentally knocked over his tray of liquorice samples which sent them scattering everywhere. The buyer happened to like the look of this random assortment of sweets and so he placed an order for them there and then. And so the liquorice allsorts were created.

    I was walking around the lake the other day and I saw a man fishing so I asked him what bait he was using. He replied, 'Liquorice' so I wondered what he'd caught with that and so he told me that he'd caught 'Allsorts!'



  • Ingredients:
    Sugar; treacle; wheatflour; glucose syrup; dessicated coconut; vegetable oil; beef gelatine; cornflour; humectant:glycerol; natural colours: plain caramel; beetroot red; curcumin; anthocyanins; capsanthin; fat reduced cocoa powder; liquorice powder; flavourings; glazing agent: beeswax; fruit and vegetable concentrates:blackcurrant; carrot; radish

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