Liquorice Rounds Belgian Hard Liquorice


  • Seriously good quality Belgian Arabic gum really hard liquorice coins made by Joris. A good strong liquorice taste with just a mild sweetness. This hard liquorice has to be sucked before it can be chewed which means that it lasts about a mega ten minutes!

    If you're a liquorice connoisseur, then test drive these ones. They rattle around the tub and sound like marbles, thats how hard they are, though they're not brittle hard, more gummy hard, and the quality is outstanding.

  • Ingredients:
    Modified Starch; Sugar; Glucose Syrup; Ammonium Chloride; Cane Sugar Molasses; Colour: Caramel; Liquorice Extract; Flavourings; Vegetable Oil (Coconut); Glazing Agent: Beeswax.

  • More Info:

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