Mega Sour fruits

  • If you like sour, you'll love these! If you like only slightly sour, don't buy these!

    They are shawowzly OMG seriously sour. Around 20 seconds of hell, then nice and sweet hard boiled mixed fruit flavours to the centre. Makes up for the sour and is really nice.

    Imagine a mouthful of scorpions, wasps, hornets, tabasco, lemon, fruit salad, a squirt in the eyes with fizzy ginger beer, followed by a slap in the face. Thats roughly what its like eating these Mega Sours...!

    Only 1 in the mouth at a time please hero's.

  • Ingredients:
    Sugar; glucose; citric acid; malic acid; bicarbonate of soda; flavouring; colours:E102; E110; E129; E142

  • More Info:

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