Milk Chews

  • The old fashioned Milk Chew. They are chewy milk flavoured sweets that taste like milk (how else do you explain a milk sweet...)

    It's not a sweet that you find in shops very often anymore but, no need to worry, we always have them in stock!

    If you've never tried them before then imagine a chewier version of the Milk Bottle, if you haven't tried those then imagine a Drumstick taste but without the raspberry, if you haven't tried those then, well, we can't really help... just give the milk chews a go. They are really yummy!


    Price is for 1 tube of Milk Chews

  • Ingredients:
    glucose syrup; sugar; hydrogenated vegetable oil; gelatine; humectant (glycerol) flavourings; gelling agent (gum arabic); dextrin.

  • More Info:

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