Mint Chocolate Eclairs


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  • Made by Walkers, these aren't just any Mint Eclairs. They're toffee and chocolatey and minty all in one.

    Walkers Nonsuch is one of England's finest and oldest makers of traditional toffee. They are a family run business that have been around since the late 19th Century. Since they began making the toffees they have been an ever-growing success. The toffees are called 'nonsuch' after Henry VII's legendary Nonsuch Palace which was crowned the 'palace of all palaces' as there was 'nonsuch' place like it- just like there is nonsuch toffee like Walkers toffee.

  • Ingredients:
    Glucose Syrup (wheat); Sugar; Sweetened Condensed’Û_milk’Û_(18%);’Û_milk’Û_Chocolate (16%)(cocoa solids 35% min;’Û_milk’Û_solids 14% min. Sugar; cocoa mass; whole’Û_milk’Û_powder;’Û_soya’Û_lecithin; natural vanilla) Vegetable Oil (palm);’Û_butter’Û_(3%); Salt; Molasses; Emulsifier E471; Flavourings;’Û_

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