Pick 'n Mix Sweet Hamper

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Pick'n Mix Sweet Hamper ?


?- Mixed Pick 'n Mix Sweets - The finest jelly and foamy sweets we've tasted! 1.6kg of sweets - 16 bags of 100g of assorted sweets, each variety in their own bag. An awesome gift bought for anyone, on any budget!

?- The Large hamper in a real wicker basket with lid - see pictures.

- All hampers have a best before date of around 6 months when you receive them. They will happily sit comfortably in a cool, dry, dark cupboard for a few weeks if needed.

- The hampers will have the candy packed neatly inside and closed - ready for packing & delivery.?

- We've selected the most requested candy and come up with the following variations for you to choose from:




- Real wicker basket & lid with candy inside

- Basket dimensions: H 10cm x W 30cm x D 18cm

- Contents:?Vanilla Fudge,?Bumper Foam Bananas,?Jelly Beans,?Haribo Heart Throbs,?Haribo Milk Bottles,?Haribo Giant Strawberries,?Haribo Fried Eggs,?ABC Letters,?Multicoloured Pencils,?Watermelon Slices,?Vidal Twist Kisses,?Fizzy Sour Dummies,?Baby Dolphins,?Bubblegum Bottles,?Mini Chocolate Drops (Jazzies), Blue Raspberry Chewy BonBons


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