Reese's Peanut Butter BIG Cup Crunchy 79g

  • The Reese's Big Cup Crunchy is for those times when a normal Reese's chocolat bar just isn't enough. This Big Cup is filled with crunchy peanuts and smooth peanut butter. We at Heavenly Sweets couldn't think of anything better. Except Rosie, she isn't a fan of peanut butter (we have tried many times to convince her. Alas, soon she shall be exiled to the other side of the office for her low views of Reese's).

    Did you know? The man who created the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup was a farmer, by the name of Harry Burnett Reese.

  • Milk Chocolate (Sugar; Cocoa Butter; Chocolate; Nonfat Milk; Milkfat; Lactose (from Milk); Emulsifiers (Soy Lecithin; E476)); Peanuts; Sugar; Dextrose; Salt; Preservative (E319).

  • Per pack (net weight 79g): Energy (Kcal) 410; Fat 26g; Carbohydrates 41g; of which sugars 35g; Protein 10g; Sodium 230mg

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