Retro Sweet Hamper - Liquorice

The wicker basket is a small re-usable picnic basket with leather straps.


An assortment of of 17 different types of liquorice



10 Liquorice Toffees

11 Liquorice Twists

10 Liquorice Wheels

20 Pontefract Cakes

25 Liquorice Torpedos

21 Liquorice Cream Rock

20 Liquorice Allsorts

42 Double Salt Liquorice Coins

30 Liquorice Gums

12 Black and White Mints

30 Poor Bens

16 Liquorice Rock

60 Liquorice Comfits

10 Bassetti Hard Liquorice Sticks

28 Liquorice Coins

10 Soft Liquorice SticksÊ

5 Catherine Wheels


Altogether there are approx 350 individual pieces of liquorice, some hard, some soft, some chewy. So there's a bit of everything new and old, and some of the classics.

The loose sweets will come in 100g bags all separate so they keep fresh. The hamper will contain all the sweets inside and packed as such.

Price is for 1 Liquorice Hamper

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