Retro Sweet Hamper - Liquorice

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  • Liquorice Sweet Hamper

    - Mixed Liquorice Sweets - The finest Liquorice sweets we've tasted! 1.6kg of sweets

    - 16 bags of 100g of assorted liquorice sweets, each variety in their own bag.

    - The Large hamper is in a real wicker basket with lid - see pictures.

    - All hampers have a best before date of around 6 months

    - Candies carefully and neatly packed for transit

    -Ideal Gift Box for Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, etc.

    -Below is how the hamper will arrive:


    - Real wicker basket & lid with candy inside

    - Basket dimensions: H 10cm x W 30cm x D 18cm

    - Contents:10 x individual Barratt Liquorice Sticks, 1 x Black and White Mints, 1 x Blackcurrant and Liquorice, 1 x Catherine Wheels, 1 x Double Salt Liquorice Coins, 10 x individual Flyers Liquorice, 1 x Liquorice Allsorts, 1 x Liquorice Allsorts, 1 x Liquorice Comfits, 1 x Liquorice Cream Rock, 1 x Liquorice Gums, 1 xArmy and Navy, 1 x Liquorice Toffee, 1 x Liquorice Torpedo, 1 x Liquorice Twists, 1 x Liquorice Wheels, 1 x Ponefract Cakes, 1 x Poor Bens

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