Scottish Tablet

  • This 'sweet' has got to be the most amazing flavour in the whole world.

    When we opened our shop we offered free tasters of Scottish Tablet and now we sell soooo much of it! It's definitely a WOW sweet!

    Similar to a vanilla fudge recipe, only it's harder, sweeter, crumblier, and much lovelier!

    It's also made with condensed milk, need we say more!

    And its crafted by a small confectioner in Perthshire which makes it even better as it's lovingly hard made...though is it ever gonna be as good as when your nan made it Well, yes. Yes, it definitely is.

    We recommend a block of Tablet with a cup of traditional English tea. Omnomnom.


  • Ingredients:
    sugar; condensed‰۪ÌÝ_milk; evaporated‰۪ÌÝ_milk; cake margarine;butter; glucose; fomdant; teacle; potasium sorbate; E202; salt;‰۪ÌÝ_vanilla‰۪ÌÝ_flavouring

  • More Info:

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