Sherbert Crystals Lemon

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  • This is the granulated version, so not as fine as icing sugar, or like the sherbet in a Sherbet Fountain or Dip Dab but more like crystals. The lemon isn't too sharp; just nice and tangy.

    Sherbet can be eaten so many ways. Some people just like to eat it straight out the bag. Others prefer to dip a liquorice stick or a lollipop in it. And some people like to use their fingers to eat all of the lemony sherbet goodness. Another idea is to use it to decorate cakes. You could use lemon sherbet as lovely sand on a beach themed cake!

  • Ingredients:

    Sugar; Citric Acid; Bicarbonat of Soda; Malic Acid; Flavourings; Colours: E102

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