Sour Belt Roller Fantasia


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  • A fizzy and sour belt wrapped up nicely in a crinkly jacket ready for transportation and then for human consumption.

    They're around 55cm (21.65in for you oldies) long which is very long indeed! It will keep you going for a very long time with the unroll, bite and chew method. Although, there are those crazy people who bite straight into it without even unrolling it which is just plain wrong if you ask me. The fizzy roller is a lovely rainbow pattern with a fruity flavour and just the right amount of sour. Enough to tingle your tongue but not too much that you can't keep it in your mouth.

    Price is for 1 Sour Rainbow Belt

  • Ingredients:
    Glucose and fructose syrup; sugar;‰۪ÌÝ_wheat‰۪ÌÝ_flour (gluten); starch; acid:‰۪ÌÝ_E296; vegetable fat (palm); acids: E330; E270; acidity regulators:‰۪ÌÝ_E325; E331; salt; emulsifier:‰۪ÌÝ_E471; flavourings;‰۪ÌÝ_humectant: E422; colours: E100; E120; E133; E160c; E171

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