Wham Original Chew Bar


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  • The original Wham Bar thats been around for centuries, a raspberry flavoured chew bar. So tangy! It makes you screw up your face with its sourness. They have little fizzy bits in too just to add to that lovely sour sensation.

    Wham bars have been around since the 1980's and they've been continuously tingling peoples tongues since then.

    Price is for 1 Wham Bar Original

  • Ingredients:
    Glucose Syrup; Sugar; Water; Palm Oil; Acid (Citric Acid); Maltodextrin; Flavourings; Hydrolysed‰۪ÌÝ_Milk‰۪ÌÝ_Proteins (Milk); Emulsifier (Soya‰۪ÌÝ_Lecithins); Humectant (Glycerol); Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates); Colours (Anthocyanins; Chlorophylls; Curcumin)

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