Wrigleys Big Red (15sticks)


  • 15 sticks of Wrigley's cinnamon gum from America dude

    Keeps the cinnamon there for ages and then when its finished you've still got 14 sticks to go!

    13p a stick, Bargain!

  • Ingredients:
    Sugar; Gum Base; Corn Syrup; Natural and Artificial Flavours; Glycerol; Soy Lecithin; Colour Added; E950; Hydroxlated Soy Lecithin; E951; E321

  • Nutritional Information
    Per pack (net weight 40g): Energy (Kcal) 150; Fat 0g; Carbohydrates 30g; of which sugars 30g; Protein 0g; Sodium 0mg

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