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A Very Sweet Christmas Poem

A great Christmas poem about Heavenly Sweets submitted by another of our blog winners: Becky Cussen.


A Sweet for Every Letter of the Alphabet

Here at Heavenly Sweets, our nametags are a little different. Instead of having just our names or our positions, we have our ‘sweetie names.’ As you can see, my name is ‘Laura Lollipop’ and we also have ‘Sarah Sweet Peanut,’ ‘Jarred Jelly Bean,’ ‘Amy Anglo Bubbly’ and ‘Troy Treacle Toffee.’ Pretty snazzy, right? Maybe now you’re wondering what your sweetie name would be.


Most Missed Sweets

Remember Spangles and Banjo's!!??


Easter Sweets and Chocolates!

Easter Chocolate, but not from the supermarkets!


Pancake Day

The Heavenly Sweets Pancake Fest...try this for a pancake


Valentines Day Sweets

Love Hearts and Heart Throbs, so romantic!


Sweet Recipes - Peppermint Creams

Two tasty recipes submitted by Amelia Fletcher, our first blog winner!


Spooky Sweets

Halloween is fast approaching and you know what that means, right? Lots of yummy sweets! In this post, I’m going to share with you the top 3 spooky sweets that we sell in Heavenly Sweets.


Christmas is Here!

There are some sweets that you just can’t have Christmas without, whether it be candy canes or chocolate coins. Luckily for you, we have them all at Heavenly Sweets! We have lots of Christmas sweet goodness as well as some American Christmas treats too. We like to spoil people with choice here!


Sugar-Free Sweets

Here at Heavenly Sweets we have something for everyone and that includes all the people who cannot eat sugar. We don’t want anyone to have to miss out on the yumminess of sweets! Heavenly Sweets has a huge selection of sugar-free sweets with 13 different varieties to choose from!


Do Not Fear, Floral Gums Are Here! … (Well, almost)

The crisis is over! Floral Gums and Cherry Lips will be back in production from December!


Pre-filled Party Bags for Girls and Boys

How to hold a kids party without the stress! Just order your pre filled party bags and it's done! (apart from the cake, the decorations, the invites, the inlaws! the food, the games, but at least that's one less thing to worry about :-)


Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop

A phrase that I hear often in the shop from adults is ‘I feel like a kid in a sweet shop.’ In this blog, I have two guest bloggers to tell us what it really does feel like to be a kid in a sweet shop!


British Sweets vs American Candy

Everyone knows that we British folk have some amazingly tasty sweets but lately there has been a huge rise in popularity of imported American candy. So, what’s all the fuss about?


Heavenly Sweets Introduction

Heavenly Sweets since 2010